Our Services

Neurofeedback & Biofeedback

Neurofeedback can effectively address any condition associated with neuroconnections and the firing of brain waves. By employing visual and auditory rewards, it retrains your brain, creating new pathways and resulting in healthier ways of thinking, feeling, responding and behaving.


The privilege of counseling is that it is like getting to dance. I get to partner with another in a creative process that is enlivening. My part is to provide the dance floor & a sense of safety and structure that frees the client. Then, there is the sacred space to unfold with guidance that is more a rhythm than an instruction. Counseling is an experience of self discovery towards the art of living well.

Training, Supervision & Teaching

Shari Johansson an approved supervisor for both counseling licensure and Neurofeedback certification. She is available for teaching and presentation on a wide variety of health and mental health topics.


Shari is an International QEEG Board Certified Diplomat. Shari provides EEG recording and Quantitative Analysis for diagnostic purposes, medication evaluation, memory assessment, injury assessment and baseline function prior to participating in contact sports. These services are available to doctors, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Athletic Organizations as well as individuals.

Train at Home

We rent the following equipment for training at home, and teach you how to get started:

  • photo-biomodulation
  • entrainment
  • distance neurofeedback & biofeedback training



Neurofeedback helps to change your brain; Coaching changes your mind.

Our coaching program compliments the neurofeedback process in several ways: As a certified brain health coach, David can assist with nutritional and supplement recommendations that will help your brain heal. We also offers sessions for mindset and beliefs that will allow you to ‘self coach’ your brain. For example, for peak performance issues, neurofeedback will help you get your brain into a peak ready state, and coaching will help you to deal with your self talk for optimum performance. Likewise, for people struggling socially or emotionally, brain training with neurofeedback will correct those brain patterns, and coaching will assist with understanding social queues and relational development. We can coach you on managing your thoughts, and develop processes for dealing with automatic negative thoughts that might linger from your past.