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Neurofeedback for Concussion and TBI Recovery (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Neurofeedback can key your road to recovery

From L.T. (parent)

"Our pre-teen son was suffering from persistent anxiety that we believe came from a severe concussion. The anxiety was really impacting his school work and social relationships. Shari and her team have helped him immensely. His anxiety is manageable now. We have our happy kid back."

Further scientific reading:

There are approximately 3 million emergency room visits for TBI each year in the United States, which represents only a fraction of the total number of head injuries that occur, as many go unreported.  Getting a concussion can create all kinds of problems including chronic headache or migraines, loss of memory, irritability and problems with word recall, to name a few. 

Taking a holistic approach is important with neurofeedback training, and especially so with Concussion/TBI.  Your neurofeedback for concussion and TBI training regiment will include recommendations on nutrition and supplements, as well as appropriate brain protocols to help you on your road to recovery.

(Our thanks to Brainworks Neurotherapy in London for some of the copy presented on this page.)