an elderly man sits on a bench in a city square, looking down

Neurofeedback for Cognitive Decline & Memory Loss

Restore proper electrical function to your brain

From B.S. - GMNF Client

"Training has helped me find my voice and put my words together. I have much more confidence in professional and personal communications."

Further scientific reading:

The NIH statistics show that about 40% of people above 65 have age related memory impairment, and 1 in 9 over 45. This means that it is likely that you know someone personally that has memory issues. You’ve seen them get frustrated because they can’t remember someone’s name, recall where they left their keys, or remember appointments or conversations that they have had. 

There are many potential causes for these impairments- some may be from injuries or deformities that affect blood flow and electrical activity in the brain. 

Neurofeedback for cognitive decline and memory loss helps to restore proper electrical function in the brain. We combine that with other therapies such as Vie Light to improve blood flow to the brain as well.