Neurofeedback 101:
The Equipment

a man wearing a neurofeedback cap looks at a screen

In science and neuroscience, you are truly only as good as your information. Misinformation ends with less than optimal results. 

Therefore, Grey Matters Neurofeedback uses only the highest quality EEG/QEEG equipment available. Nexus products are Medical CE certified and FDA registered. These amplifiers deliver clean, precise data 24 bit at 2,000 hertz and above. There is no higher resolution EEG equipment on the market.

The specific equipment will be dependant on your agreed upon therapy plan. Generally, clinicians attach sensors to the clients head using a conductive paste. In some cases, a cap may be used to ensure the adequate number and proper placement of sensors.The sensors receive brain wave activity and send it through an amplifier to the computer where it can be charted and read to identify patterns, creating a map of brain activity.

The amplifier receives signals from the sensor and amplifies them so that the computer can analyze and display them. It will connect to both the sensors and the computer via either a cord or a wireless connection. Grey Matters uses the highest quality, hospital-grade amplifier, providing a level of detail that is otherwise inaccessible.

The software traces the EEG onto a graph so that the provider can see, analyze and program a desired threshold or goal for the client, creating a treatment plan. The computer also controls the audio and visual display that gives the client information about how the brain is functioning.

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