How much does neurofeedback training cost?

When it comes to the brain, every brain is different, and every case is unique. Generally speaking, brain training sessions are comparable to or less than the average cost of counseling or other therapies.

  • The first step is to come in for an initial consultation with Shari and her team (this consultation is complimentary).
  • Next, we schedule you for the EEG, and plan additional evaluations as indicated.
  • Once the results of the evaluation and QEEG are synthesized, we meet with you again to design a customized training program. 

Step 1

Request Your Initial Consultation

The initial 30-minute consultation with Shari or a member of her team is complimentary.

Step 2

Initial Evaluation


  • QEEG scan
  • Brain mapping
  • Initial evaluation with highly-trained practitioner
  • Creation of customized training plan

Step 3

Holistic Brain Training Plan

Once our team has completed your initial evaluation, we meet with you to develop your personalized training plan.