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Shari Johansson -

Greymatters Neurofeedback Director

Shari Y. Johansson (RDH, MA, LPC, NCC, BCN, QEEG-D) is a licensed professional counselor.

Since 1993, Shari has been involved in counseling dedicated to encouraging women and men to live fully by design in deep relationship with God and others. Areas of specialized interest include: abuse recovery, grief work, identity issues, life direction, marital issues, parenting, adoption parenting and all things relational.

Attachment Relationships, Anxiety, Grief, ADHD; Issues: Anger Management, Codependency, Family Conflict, Obesity/Weight loss, Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality, Behavioral Issues, Divorce, Life Coaching, Parenting, Self-Esteem, Sleep/Insomnia, Trauma/PTSD, Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

If you or your child is struggling with symptoms of ADHD and the emotional and often social difficulties that go along with it, then neurofeedback is a great life changing, non-invasive solution. I myself grew up with these difficulties, so when my son was in Kindergarten and we got the call to have an early parent/teacher conference, I instinctively knew what is was about. My son is bright, creative, and very distractible! 

As a therapist, I know what the effects are of long-term medication use on a developing brain, and I did not want to go down that road. Desperate for an alternative, I began my journey into understanding neurofeedback. Like many, I was a skeptic at first, and it took several years to jump in with both feet, but when I did, it changed my life as much as the lives of my children. 

For years, our evening routine was a struggle for both kids to get work done- if the assignments and materials even made it home! The procrastination and obvious torture to sit and do the work after having been at school and working all day were difficult on the whole family. It was familiar because it was how I grew up. 

We tried all types of tutoring, vision therapy, various brain learning centers, diet modifications and environmental changes. Each year and each new modality brought slight changes, but nothing that eased the dread and struggle of getting schoolwork completed. Because I had been following the advances in neurofeedback technology, I recognized that the difference of QEEG guided neurofeedback, and how it would be able to specifically address the needs of my child’s brain. I jumped in and had both kids going for training during the summer months. 

In the first month or so, I noticed subtle changes in attention, mood, ability to follow through and less resistance with chores and such. But wow! When school started, I realized how dramatically neurofeedback had changed the brain function of my children. The school term immediately revealed how drastically our lives had changed. The lost items, the difficulty getting out of the house in the morning, were too big not to notice, but the defining moment was noticing that homework & school projects were getting done without me! 

Math had been a huge struggle throughout the years, despite the brain clinic work we’d dutifully completed. Now my son, who in junior high could not easily perform mental math or multiplication tables, was doing well in higher math. He went on to graduate with honors and is now studying mechanical engineering. 

Years later, I am still amazed at the potential he had all along but could not access due to brain firing dysregulation. The changes brought about by neurofeedback allowed him to enjoy school and more importantly to enjoy learning.

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Angie Dancer

M.A., Registered Pyschotherapist

Angie is a neurotherapist and registered psychotherapist. She loves to connect her understanding of how the brain operates to the well proven idea that relationships heal us. In addition to neurofeedback, she provides counseling for children and adolescents. Through play, she is able to explore the issues that kids face such as anxiety, depression, behavioral/relational struggles and the affects of traumatic experiences. Angie also loves working with parents to help them process the parenting world.

When she is not in the office, Angie loves to be with her family. Her husband Benjamin (a high school teacher who sometimes co leads parenting groups with her) and her children – Lòrien, Bo, and Lyla bring her great joy.

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Caitlyn Matthies

M.A., Registered Psychotherapist,

Caitlin obtained her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Caitlin’s faith is an important part of who she is and why she has chosen this work. Caitlin is a Colorado native and has always loved being outdoors, dirt biking, four-wheeling, and truly loves Colorado. She played collegiate sports in her undergraduate and was a pitcher in the sport she loves, softball. 

Caitlin has specialized training in EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, ASIST, and is a Neurotherapist. 

Caitlin has a history of working in management, Human Resources, and behavioral health. In her clinical internship, Caitlin worked at residential facilities and in-home care providing individual and group counseling to children and teens. She also provided counseling to children in an Elementary School setting and she practiced under Shari to learn Neurofeedback.

Specialties / Areas of Interest:
Young adults / millennials
Spiritual growth/issues
Divorce recovery
Children / adolescents