Services Offered by Dr. Pierce

Functional Neurological Examination:

This examination is a full or focal examination of the central and peripheral nervous system similar to an orthodox neurological examination, only it goes deeper by paying attention to subtle neural fatigue, focal asymmetries, autonomic and blood flow disturbances, and front-to back and top to bottom imbalances of the firing patterns of the brain and spinal cord. Finding the LLL or longitudinal level of the lesion is a lost art that used to be a standard of care. Physical examination of all types has eroded in modern medicine. When was the last time you saw a full examination by the hand of a physician? Today it’s a wave of the stethoscope and swing of a reflex hammer if you are lucky, and off you go to a prescription in under 5 minutes. This term LLL used to be applied only to destructive, ablative pathology where tissue is destroyed. Today in chiropractic neurology we still use this method to find those type of lesions, and we also look for functional lesions where there is no damage found on an MRI or CT of the brain, but real dysfunction and true symptoms exist. These areas of brain may be concussed, infected, mildly demyelinated, hypoxic or poisoned with chemicals or heavy metals. This examination and report is the basis of plans to apply personalized neurological rehab exercises, order specialized labs or imaging, use diets, detoxing, neurofeedback, and more. This method is standardized by the under the American Chiropractic Neurology Board of the American Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic Neurological Brain Rehab Therapies:

Personalized brain rehab is based on the results of the extensive neuro exam listed above and integrated with your QEEG brainwave map and your lab tests of your body chemistry if you have them. These exercises are precisely targeted at the problem brain areas and stimulate plasticity or healing of the little grey cells and the white matter highways that can get damaged from concussion to dementia. This work is done first under careful supervision in the office under controlled conditions for those fragile patients and can develop into home care exercises that are less supervised as you heal your brain. This method can restore functional lesions and often greatly increase quality of life in incurable disease. This work blossomed out of the Decade of the Brain of 1990-2000 from NIH spending on brain imaging studies. Our staff help you master your exercises and graduate to each level quickly and recover.

Laboratory based body chemistry management (Functional Medicine):

A complete medical history including diet and supplements is collected with basic typical blood work, and from there we decide what special lab tests we need to order. We explain and discuss the many tests available and what they measure. We also review any old lab tests you have in your possession from your past. This is a science-based application, and we build a timeline of the etiology or cause of your condition. We ask for an informal narrative as long or short as you wish to be written or recorded by the patient or loved one in order to tell us your story in your own way. From there we work out your best diet approach, eliminating some foods and adding others, and prescribing supplements as indicated and tracking the results. We follow up with lab tests at appropriate intervals, and we can work with your budget to spread out the costs of tests you may need or want. There are so many elimination diets and cleansing diets we guide you on in some cases with medical management such as the ketogenic diet for childhood epilepsy. We work with neurologists, psychiatrists and behavioral optometrists and biological dentists (Teachers love us too!). Our staff assist you in tracking and tweaking your food plan to get you better fast.