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Long COVID and Psychophysiological Interventions

Shari recently joined the Healthy Brain Happy Body Podcast This episode’s guide is Shari Johannson, a licensed professional counselor and director of Grey Matters Neurofeedback in Lakewood, Colorado. Shari is board certified in neurofeedback and qEEG. Shari is using neurofeedback, biofeedback, and other neuromodulation approaches to working with people experiencing long COVID. Estimates vary, but

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a brain illustration is lit up in one area with neurons firing

A Case for Neurofeedback from Be Brain Fit

This is a great article from the folks over at on how neurofeedback training can change your life in many different areas. Read the article here. People have sought to refine and improve their mental processes for thousands of years through methods like yoga and meditation. Now you can learn to train your brain

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Ex-NHLers Swear by Neurofeedback Treatment

The Globe and Mail published an article in June of 2017 detailing the positive effects of neurofeedback on some ex-NHL players in Calgary. Read the entire article here! There was a time when his eyes and brain were at odds with one another. He would try reading a book and found he couldn’t follow the

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