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Grey Matters Neurofeedback strives for excellence in continuing education and maintaining the highest standards and certifications available. Grey Matters Neurofeedback utilizes the highest quality equipment available and the most current technology. In addition, Shari has 25 years of counseling and mind/body therapeutic training. She has always been holistic in her approach and utilizes this experience and wisdom in aiding a person towards their goals. Neurofeedback is brain training; however, it is also important to address physiology and environmental factors along with Neurofeedback to support new learning for permanent results. 

Our goal at Grey Matters Neurofeedback is to provide you with the most efficient solutions to resolve the issues/symptoms that prevent you from living your best life.

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We began our journey with neurofeedback for probably the same reason that you have- because someone that we love was struggling in various areas of their life. Whether it is school performance, social interactions, or simply feeling overwhelmed by every obstacle, we would love to talk to you about how neurofeedback works to normalize brain wave patterns.

The unique and special relationship Dr. Montgomery enjoys with her clients made the decision to relocate her office to Arizona a difficult one. Foremost in the myriad decisions the move entailed was who she could refer her Denver neurofeedback clients to. Fortunately, during her time in the Denver area, there had been numerous opportunities to become familiar with the work of Shari Johansson at GreyMatters Neurofeedback.

Early on, Dr. Montgomery’s diagnostic skill in deciphering difficult clinical problems had attracted the interest of Shari and led to a consultation relationship over the years that both enjoyed. The shared commitment to the well being of their clients has served as a foundation for an on-going professional relationship. Dr. Montgomery is proud to refer her current neurofeedback clients to Shari knowing that they will receive excellent care in her hands.
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Dr. Montgomery
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Are you suffering and looking for relief? Have you “tried everything” with no results? Or maybe you’ve noticed your memory slipping with age, or you need to be at your sharpest for academic or professional reasons. Whatever your reason for seeking and searching, the GreyMatters Neurofeedback team is ready to help you change your life today.